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Sensometrics 2014: Data Analysis Workshop

Those of you who recall the data analysis workshop at Sensometrics 2004 will know why we are so pleased to announce a Data Analysis Workshop at the 12th Sensometric Meeting!

The workshop, Temporal Dominance of Sensations and Temporal Liking Data Analysis, is organized by Pascal Schlich and Arnaud Thomas. The data analysis workshop is a great opportunity to use real data to test out some of the statistical approaches that others have proposed in the literature, or to try out a new approach that you have in mind!

To obtain the data analysis workshop, please email Pascal Schlich.
To expedite the request, use the subject line: "Sensometrics Data Analysis Workshop".
In the body simply request to receive the data analysis workshop data set. 

Please note that the data set is related to as-of-yet unpublished research. The authors retain rights to first publication. For now the data set will be made available only for personal use or to use for submitting an abstract to the 12th Sensometric Meeting, which can be done on the conference web site. Later, once the research is published (the authors will submit a manuscript to Food Quality and Preference) you will be advised that the condition is lifted, and will be permitted to submit your own original manuscripts based on this data to any journal of your choice.

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