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Final program

Detailed abstracts are also available here.

Tuesday, Nov 15

 1:30pm Welcome note
  Keynote presentation (chair: Tom Carr)

 1:40pm - K1

Protecting Data from Users
Paul Holtzman*
  Oral presentations (chair: Leticia Vidal)
 2:40pm - O1 Beyond Liking: Innovative approach using CATA data to better understand consumer’s associations to products
Thierry Worch*, Feline Heussen, Jonathan Rason
 3:00pm - O2 Exploring food pairing through a cross-cultural projective mapping 
Araceli Arellano-Covarrubias*, Carlos Gómez-Corona, Paula Varela, Mara Galmarini, Héctor B. Escalona-Buendía
 3:20pm - O3 The pain of accurate texture profiling and magnitude estimation
Jason Cohen, Bénédicte Bimont*

 4:00pm Joint Sensometrics/SSP workshop: 
New Technologies in Application: Case Studies & Data Analysis Strategies
(chair: Katie Osdoba)
 Exploring the usage of smart-speaker surveys in sensory and consumer research
Jen Grady, Rafael Drabek
 Unlocking the potential: Key industry learnings & experiences with emerging digital technologies
Chrisly Philip, Maria Elena Lozano
 How Web3 surveys enrich machine learning models for sensory and consumer science
Tian Yu, Vanessa Rios de Souza
 Q&A and panel discussion

Wednesday, Nov 16

  Keynote presentation and Poster Flash presentations (chair: John Castura)
 1:30pm - K2 Visualising and Exploring Multi-Dimensional Sensory Data
Sugnet Lubbe*

Poster Flash presentations:

  Oral presentations (chair: Ingunn Berget)
 2:40pm - O4 Application of SO-PLS Regression in Handling Multiblock L-shape Data
Quoc Cuong Nguyen*, Daniele Asioli, Paula Varela, Tormod Næs
 3:00pm - O5 Application of multi-group multiple correspondence analysis in sensory data
Aida Eslami*, Lauren Faye Toogood, Soudeh A. Khoubrouy, Hervé Abdi
 3:20pm - O6 Evaluation of complementary numerical and visual approaches for investigating pairwise comparisons after principal component analysis
John Castura*, Paula Varela, Tormod Næs

Thursday, Nov 17

  Keynote presentation (chair: Anne Hasted)
 1:30pm - K3 AI - wonder weapon or hype
Andrea Ahlemeyer-Stubbe*
  Oral presentations (chair: Carlos Gomez)
 2:30pm - O7 Text mining as a tool in food sensory and consumer science. Hype or help?
Ingunn Berget*, Charo E. Hodgins, Monique M. Raats, Lada Timotijevic, Ellen Van Kleef, Paula Varela, Martina Galler
 2:50pm - O8 Reinventing "sensory data science" learning through digital technology: the JAR case study, a play in five acts
Sébastien Lê*
 3:10pm - O9 Analyzing Temporal Dominance of Sensations data with Categorical Functional Data Analysis
Caroline Peltier*, Michel Visalli, Pascal Schlich, Hervé Cardot
  Oral presentations (chair: Thierry Worch)
 3:50pm - O10 Incomplete-block designs for rapid, holistic sensory methods: Comparing sorting and linking methods with a novel resampling approach
Jacob Lahne*, Marlon Ac-Pangan, Marino Tejedor-Romero, David Orden
 4:10pm - O11 Imputing Consumer Liking Data using XLSTAT: How Much Missing Data Can I Have? Which Method Should I Use? Can I Cluster Based on Imputed Values?
Joshua Brain*, Anne Hasted, Ian Wakeling
 4:30pm - O12 Equivalence and non-inferiority tests using replicated discrimination and preference data
Michael Meyners*, B. Thomas Carr, Joachim Kunert


 P1 Quality grading of pre-treated yams  --  (click here to view the poster)
Cecille Aboagye*, Seloame Nyaku, Maame Adjei, Priscilla Ahadzi, Emmanuel Addo-Preko
 P2 Perception of yoghurt quality among a cross-section of Ghanaian consumers  --  (click here to view the poster)
Elijah Arhinful*, Edmond Arhin, Maame Adjei, Cecille Aboagye, Priscilla Ahadzi
 P3 Using A Consumer-Led Product Development Approach to Develop Communion Wine Drink from Roselle Calyx (Sobolo) to be used in Ghanaian Churches  --  (click here to view the poster)
Emmanuel Addo-Preko*, Maame Adjei
 P4 Perceptual Mapping of Beer in Ghanaian Consumers  --  (click here to view the poster)
Portia Owusu*, Maame Yaakwaah Adjei, Carlos Gómez-Corona, Esther Sakyi-Dawson, Cecille Wendy Aboagye, Emmanuel Addo-Preko, Elijah Arhinful
 P5 Exploring the role of carrot juice in enhancing the sensory properties of bissap juice extract --  (click here to view the poster)
Beatrice Tagoe*, Maame Yaakwaah Adjei, Idolo Ifie, Cecille Aboagye, Emmanuel Addo-Preko, Elijah Arhinful

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