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TUTORIAL 3 –  Temporal Sensory Methods: Study Design & Data Analysis 
Presenters – Michael Meyners & John Castura

The sensory identity of diverse products - foods, beverages, cosmetics, etc. - has an important temporal component. But until recently, available methods for investigating temporal aspects have required a significant investment in training assessors, have allowed measurement only at discrete time intervals, and/or have produced continuous measurement of only a single attribute. Recently, new temporal sensory methods have been proposed to capture some of the richness and diversity of consumer sensory perceptions that arise from multiple sensations.

The workshop will focus especially on the following two methods: temporal dominance of sensations (TDS) and temporal check all that apply (TCATA). We will review study design considerations that are relevant to these and other temporal methods. Workshop attendees will have the opportunity (either during or outside the workshop) to understand the assessor's task via hands-on web-based data collection using Compusense Cloud software.

Intended Audience – Sensory scientists and statisticians interested in study design and analysis
Prerequisites – Basic understanding of statistics is advantageous, though not mandatory

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