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The Sensometric Society

Elections: New Sensometric Society committee

20 Jul 2012 5:06 AM | Michael Meyners (Administrator)

During last week's AGM, several positions on the committee had to be filled again due to end of the respective terms. The new committee stands as follows:

Chair:         Michael Meyners (Germany, through 2016)
Vice-chair:  John Castura (Canada, through 2014) 
Treasurer:   Anne Hasted (UK, through 2014)
Secretary:  John Ennis (USA, through 2016)

Ordinary members:
Dominic Buck (UK, through 2016)
Rune Christensen (Denmark, through 2016)
Barbara Pfeiffer (Switzerland, through 2014)
Thierry Worch (The Netherlands / UK, through 2014)

Please join me in welcoming all new members on the committee and support them throughout their term. Please also join me in thanking the retired committee members for their engagement in various society matters during their term:
Per Bruun Brockhoff, Isabelle Lesschaeve, Sébastien Lê, and Jean-François Meullenet.

Michael Meyners

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