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Applied Food Chemometrics, Sensometric, and Qualimetrics-Workshop (247th ACS National Meeting & Expo)

  • 16 Mar 2014
  • (EDT)
  • 20 Mar 2014
  • (EDT)
  • Dallas, TX, USA

Purpose of Symposium

Food materials, and ingredients, are amongst the most complex materials that exist and range from plant and animal tissues, to complex structured food solids, colloids, liquids, glasses, foams and others. As scientists that study food materials, we strive to build analytic methods to characterize the composition and structure of food. Also, we strive to determine the “higher- information” content of foods that stimulate our senses and our cognitive processes and help us determine food characteristics such as “quality”, “freshness”,  “acceptability” and others. The prediction of the composition, structure and the human response to food from instrumental measurements involves the application of data exploration methods to build links and the calibration of models for the prediction of these properties.

Suggested Topics

  • Advances in, and applications of, Instrumental calibration, calibration transfer, discrimination, classification for grading and the determination of composition or contaminants.
  • Advances in,  and applications of,  data exploration and predictive model development, both linear and non-linear
  • Advances in, and applications of,  multivariate analytics for sensory-to-instrument relationships
  • Advances in, and applications of, process analytical chemistry for product control
  • Advances in and applications of, quality-by-design
  • Advances in, and applications of, sensometric modeling of panelists, food hedonics, product ideal points and landscapes, and food choice
  • Advances in, and applications of, the analytics of “omics” data in the study of food nutrition and health.
  • Advances in, and applications of, big data analytics as they pertain to food, feed and agriculture.
  • Process analytical technology (PAT) applications in food, feed, bioprocessing and agriculture.

For further information (e.g. abstract submission)

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contact the organizers

Brian Guthrie, Cargill, 2301 Crosby Road, Wayzata, MN 55391;; 952 742 3983


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