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The Sensometric Society

Statistics for Sensory and Consumer Science

  • 09 Nov 2011
  • (EST)
  • 11 Nov 2011
  • (EST)
  • Nofima, Osloveien 1, Ås, 30 km south of Oslo, Norway

The course will focus on statistical analysis of sensory data, consumer liking data and relations between them. The aim is to present the most important methodologies for

  • quality control of sensory panel data
  • interpretation of multivariate sensory panel and consumer liking data
  • linking consumer liking data to intrinsic and extrinsic product attributes and
  • studying individual differences and segmentation in consumer liking data

Tutors: Tormod Næs, Per Brockhoff and Oliver Tomic

Cost: NOK 10.000,- and additional NOK 500,- for the

book (free for members of the Sensometric Society)



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