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Analyzing Sensory Data with R - Sebastien Le, Thierry Worch

  • 01 Oct 2014
  • (EDT)
  • Book Announcement

Choose the Proper Statistical Method for Your Sensory Data Issue

Analyzing Sensory Data with R gives you the foundation to analyze and interpret sensory data. The book helps you find the most appropriate statistical method to tackle your sensory data issue.

Covering quantitative, qualitative, and affective approaches, the book presents the big picture of sensory evaluation. Through an integrated approach that connects the different dimensions of sensory evaluation, you’ll understand:

  • The reasons why sensory data are collected
  • The ways in which the data are collected and analyzed
  • The intrinsic meaning of the data
  • The interpretation of the data analysis results

Each chapter corresponds to one main sensory topic. The chapters start with presenting the nature of the sensory evaluation and its objectives, the sensory particularities related to the sensory evaluation, details about the data set obtained, and the statistical analyses required. Using real examples, the authors then illustrate step by step how the analyses are performed in R. The chapters conclude with variants and extensions of the methods that are related to the sensory task itself, the statistical methodology, or both. 

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