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TUTORIAL 1 –  Introduction to Bayesian Methods for Sensory & Consumer Data
Presenters – Gemma Hodgson & Mary Jenner

Bayesian statistical analysis has been successfully used in other industries for many years now, yet is rarely seen in the sensory and consumer world.
This technique offers an approach to formally combine historical data with current data to see results of trials put into context with past research rather than treating each trial in isolation and then making subjective interpretations. Additionally, benefits are seen in both reduction of sample sizes and increased ability to make robust decisions with a move away from reliance on the contentious 'p-value'.
In this tutorial, we give you the background understanding to the key concepts of these analysis methods, that needs to be understood before a Bayesian study can be set-up and we give information on how to interpret and apply results of a Bayesian analysis to improve decision making ability and so maximising use of your data. Practicalities of taking this approach will be also discussed.

Intended Audience – Students, researcher or professionals who would like to learn more about this methodology, or who would like to learn a new way of getting relevant information from consumers.
Prerequisites – No prior knowledge is required.
Equipment – No laptops needed. A calculator may be handy although not essential!

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