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Sensometrics @ CARME 2011

21 Feb 2011 2:04 PM | Barbara PFEIFFER

The third CARME (Correspondence Analysis and Related Methods) conference took place at Agrocampus Rennes in France February 9-11, 2011. In a session dedicated to multivariate analysis of sensory data, Marianne Buche talked about the use of projective mapping to identify cultural differences in the main discrimination of picture based stimuli, Marine Cadoret explained the data treatment for a hierarchical sorting task with multiple factor analysis, Mostafa Qannari presented the results of sorting task data treated with multiple correspondence analysis, and Thierry Worch showed an approach for the application of multivariate analysis to ideal profile data. Other presentations of interest for Sensometricians featured the analysis of textual data (word elicitation) and methods in the social sciences (demographics).

Further lectures presented advances in theory, algorithms, computation and applications of CA and MCA. Presentation slides are available on the CARME 2011 homepage.

Perfectly planned, the social program lived up to the high culinary expectations for France and at the Conference Dinner Michael Greenacre and Yuna Blum surprised the audience with Statistical Songs.

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