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Sensometric Workshop in Brazil

02 Sep 2010 4:00 PM | John Castura (Administrator)
Prof. Per Brockhoff attended the SENSIBER conference in Brazil as a representative of the society. Prior to the conference he offered a well-attended Sensometric Workshop.

Former committee member Guillermo Hough reported that the "Sensometrics Society financed Per's participation in the 6th Iberoamerican Sensory Science Symposium (SENSIBER) held in Sao Paulo, Brazil ... Per gave an excellent 2-hour tutorial on Discrimination Testing with the application of the SensR package. Many colleagues from Latin America told me they found it very useful, with the additional advantages that all his examples and exercises are in open source software. Per also complemented his tutorial with a very interesting talk in a Statistical Workshop chaired by Hal. I have no doubt that the Society's contribution to SENSIBER was much appreciated and well worth it."

Per himself commented on the incidence that he met Rivaldo at a Palmeiras soccer match: "The somewhat funny coincidence was that I already two days before this picture was taken showed the attached slide at my talk in Lavras, Brazil – pointing out that this particular guy actually was the Brasilian football player who killed Denmark in the 1998 WC Quarter final. (An historic match for Denmark for various reasons: best WC result ever – last match of the Laudrup brothers…) (AND moreover, the number of the Brasilian shirt also fits …) I should stress that in spite of the look in my face, I did NOT have too many Cachacas – they didn’t serve alcohol on the stadium...:-)….and just to make sure that you don’t think that I did nothing but hunting down football players
I also share with you a couple of more serious photos... first from Lavras University, Minas Gerais and then from the Conference in Sao Paolo:

I thank the society for making this happen – it was really a memorable trip. I do believe that a point was made about sensometrics – including open source R-based software (also pointing the audience towards SensoMineR and FactoMineR)."

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