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Call for contributions to the Sensometrics 2016 Data Analysis Workshop

08 Apr 2016 11:00 AM | John Castura (Administrator)

We are pleased to announce that the 13th Sensometric Meeting will feature a Data Analysis Workshop. The workshop topic is "Appropriate Methods of Imputation for Consumer Hedonic Data".

The challenge is to perform appropriate data imputation for 570 consumers, each of whom evaluates 6 brown breads in a 16-present-6 sensory-informed balanced incomplete block design. These data were analyzed and discussed by Franczak et al. (2015). For your convenience, the workshop data set is available in two locations: (i) the R package sensory (see bbread), and (ii) on the Sensometrics Data Set Repository (see Brown Bread data).

To be considered as a potential workshop presenter, please send your abstract to John Castura by May 16, 2016. The abstract (up to 250 words) should summarize your statistical methods, results, and conclusions.

Data Analysis Workshop presenters will be encouraged to prepare a manuscript for the Sensometrics 2016 special issue of Food Quality and Preference. (However you are permitted to submit your own original manuscripts to any journal of your choice.)

Thanks & we hope to see you in Brighton-by-the-Sea!

Chris Findlay, Paul McNicholas, & John Castura

Sensometrics 2016 Data Analysis Workshop organizers

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