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Data Set Repository

17 Dec 2014 6:48 AM | Michael Meyners (Administrator)
The Sensometric Society Data Set Repository has gone live! With this repository, we offer access to various sensory data sets, being made available by some members of the society. The data sets can be used freely, e.g. to explore new (and maybe old) idea; if used for other than your purely personal purposes, all you are asked to do is to cite the reference associated with the data set.

While a couple of data sets are available already, we hope that you will consider contributing some of your data to the repository, too. By that, we intend to grow the repository to a very useful resource e.g. for students and others in need of some real data. (It is OK if some of the information in the data set would need to be masked.) At the same time, if use by others, the data sets might trigger additional references to your own work. Contributing is as easy as writing an email to our web administrator.

Thanks to John Castura for pushing this forward, and to Chris Findlay and Per Brockhoff for the first contributions.

Season's Greetings!

Michael (chair)

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